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About the Founder: Simon Prosser

Born 1967 in the United Kingdom, Summits4Sight founder Simon Prosser is married, has three children and shares his time between Europe and the United States. Simon has worked as an accomplished retina applications specialist for over twenty years and travelled the world to support ophthalmologists in this highly specialized medical field. Always pursuing advances in technology, he has spent much of his career developing surgical solutions and helping patients suffering from a variety of ophthalmic diseases. AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) is now a main area of focus and advances in technology are starting to deliver promising new solutions that will improve the quality of life for AMD patients suffering severe central vision loss. Simon has been a hobby climber for many years but the Summits4Sight project is now turning him into an experienced and dedicated mountaineer.‚Äč

Simon Prosser on the Lobuche Peak