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With Summits4Sight

What is Summits4Sight?

Summits4Sight aims to help patients suffering severe AMD related vision loss by raising awareness through the founders, Simon Prosser's mountain climbs. Patients' functional vision can be significantly improved with the help of a novel augmented reality (AR) device called Oculenz that Summits4Sight funds for these patients.

How it Works

Helping Those with AMD

Summits4Sight funds Oculenz devices for AMD patients to restore their functional vision.

The Four Summits

Simon Prosser is climbing four summits around the world to raise awareness for AMD.

How You Can Help

Your kind donations help Summits4Sight fund Oculenz devices for AMD patients.

Click Below to watch a video message from Simon Prosser explaining how Summits4Sight provides to AMD patients in need.


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